Ercol cushions & furniture


** Stop press:  This year 2016 , we have sent  cushion sets to Sweden, Denmark,Belgium,France,Germany and Switzerland,New Zealand and South Australia, so we are happy to quote customers from abroad. Check us out for a quote…Even with the extra carriage, we are WAY below the prices of the original manufacturer…….


The iconic day bed/studio couch. This same style has been around for about 50 years and is still extremely popular.

We make a complete set of cushions to fit at £390.00 (seat and 3 back courier charge)….original manufacturers price for replacements from £1150.00…..





This  is the traditional style, one large seat and three smaller back cushions. This set available at £390.00 plus courier charge.


This is the daybed with side arms (our own design) This set available at £455.00 plus courier charge.







Below is the Ercol 203/2 model. This model has been around for about half a century  so some of them looking a ‘littlle jaded’…..easy fix with a new set of cushions from Stage One.

A new set of cushions complete to fit and Ercol 203/2 settee costs £320.00 plus courier charge……less than half the price  of the original manufacturer….’you know it makes sense.’


               ‘The 203/2 settee looking a little part its sell by’


            Now with a new lease of life…..




This is the larger version, the Ercol 203/3 the three seater version. We can supply complete cushion sets for £480. plus courier charge. We can do traditional….or ‘funky’…you decide.







              The Jubilee suite.




This is the three seater version of the Jubilee…perhaps a little dated and not quite as popular as the day bed/studio couch…but very similar in size…and with the right type of cushions can attain the crisp line of the day bed.

…the large Jubilee seat is only 2″smaller than the day bed

….just to show you the similarity when the Jubilee is modified, this is the Day bed/studio couch:

….if you prefer we can also make you new cushion sets in the traditional way….









The Ercol Windsor two seater settee , model no: 203/2, probably the most popular . A complete cushion set in fabrics shown (patterns available in other colours) for a two seater settee would be £320.00 (plus £40.00 courier charge) similar product from original manufacturer  from £705.00





The Ercol Windsor chair Model 203 . Complete cushion set for the chair would be £160.00 (plus £20.00 courier charge)  Similar product from original manufacturer from £375.00




This is the  Ercol Windsor two seater settee model 334/2. To supply a complete set of cushions for the settee would be  £320.00  (plus £40.00 courier charge)   Similar product from original manufacturer from £720.00.



Thes are the standard fabrics that we use, we can send you an actual card out to see.All these fabrics are hardwearing upholstery weight cloth, which should give you years of wear. All cushions are with plain seams and fitted with zips for easy cleaning. Fabrics on card are all ‘machine washable’ up to 40 degrees.

 If their is nothing to suit you we can make up the cushion sets in your own fabric. You can contact us for quantities required etc.



The Ercol Windsor easy chair No:334. The cost of a complete set of cushions for a chair is £160.00 (plus £20.00 courier charge)    Similar product from original manufacturer from £375.00.



The Windsor tub chair No: 305 Spindle back.A complete set of cushions seat and back for this chair is £160.00 (plus £20.00 courier charge) Similar product from original manufacturer from £270.00.



The Grandfather chair Model No: 318 A complete set of cushions for this chair is £170.00 (plus £15.00) courier charge.

Similar product from original manufacturer from £280.00.



The Chairmakers chair Model  :912 . Seat cushion for this chair is £89.00 (plus £10.00 courier charge.)  For set including a back cushion £160.00 (plus £20.00 courier charge)  Similar product from original manufacturer from  £170.00 (seat)  £270.00 (seat and back).


This is the traditional  Windsor dining chair fitted with one of our cushions. The inner pad is a 2″ CMHR 40 foam, fitted with a calico cover. The top cover is fitted with a zip for easy removal . It is fitted with a fire retardant label, as all fabrics and fillings are  fire retarded to current regulations.Tapes and press studs are fitted as standard. Their is a choice of  twelve colours to choose from, or you can send us your own fabric to have sets made up. A set of four costs  £196.00 plus courier charge of £10.00 (they can also be collected from our shop in Coventry)  Similar product from original manufacturers £460.00.


       This is the Ercol Quaker chair fitted with  one of our cushions , same specification as above. A set of four costs  £196.00 plus courier charge of £10.00.  (Equivalent from Ercol is  FROM £460.00  )          


This is the Ercol Goldsmith chair fitted with one of our cushions,same specification as above. A set of four costs £196.00 plus courier charge of £10.00. (Equivalent from Ercol is FROM £460.00)


The dining chair pallet seats are priced at £196.00 for a set of four, using our fabric. At the moment we have a choice of 6 colours to choose from (We are flexible and will endeavour to meet your requirements) All pads are fitted with heavy duty 2″ ,fire retardant foam in a calico cover, then finished with a zipped cushion cover, colour of your choice. All the pallet seat cushions are fitted with tapes and press studs to fit the relavant chairs.

We charge £196.00 for a complete set of four (other amounts pro rata ). We can make up in your own material . A set of four would cost £176.00. Check out the price from Ercol. The equivalent from them is FROM £460.00……….

The courier cost is £10.00 for a set or we are quite happy to deliver locally (within 10 miles free) or you can collect from our shop in Coventry.


This is the Ercol Windsor two seater settee…….if they look like the first two photos it’s time for a change………. WE CAN SUPPLY CUSHIONS FOR FOOTSTOOLS, A SINGLE SEAT FOR A CHAIR, OR A WHOLE SET…..VERY FLEXIBLE… 

OUR PRICES ARE MORE THAN HALF PRICE LESS THAN THE COST OF BUYING FROM ERCOL……….. The only extra to pay for is carriage charge, but can be collected personally from us in Warwickshire….. or we will deliver within a 20 miles radius for free. We can send out samples of the cloth for your inspection, just to get your colours right.


        These sets of cushions are available, they are : seats using 5″ heavy duty reflex foam, covered in a calico cover, then a cushion cover in a chenille fabric as shown in these photographs. The backs are a 4″  soft density foam, also covered first in a calico cover, then a chenille cover to finish. All cushions are fire retardant as is the fabrics. Fire retardant labels are sewn in , as required by law. Al covers are zipped, including the inside calico covers , which make foam replacement easy in the future…. Aset of the cushions shown for the two seater windsor costs  £300.00 (Cheapest from Ercol is  £705.00). a chair is £150.00 (Cheapest from Ercol is £375.00)





This is the Ercol Windsor chair. This style is the larger of the two models: The chair cushion sets are for sale at £160.00 (cheapest from Ercol is £375.00)






The Ercol Windsor , another  classic from Ercol. We can supply brand new cushion sets to fit your chair, footstool, two seater settee, three seater settee, or complete suites, we are very flexible.Some of the examples below, which are for sale.


This is the classic Ercol settee (day bed) that has been made since this iconic 60’s and now enjoying a new lease of life in the 21st century……….We supply complete new cushion sets, which you will find are less than HALF PRICE of those purchased from Ercol….below are some of the examples:

This design is very flexible, you can order a cushion  just for the seat, cushions for seat and back…. or the whole lot seat, backs and arms…..




   We also make complete cushions to fit the Ercol stool. They are in lots of different fabrics, we even do one in a Faux leather. I’m sure we will have one in stock to suit you. They are £89.00 plus carriage, or you can collect from our shop in Coventry.